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I know that my neighbors did when I gave them a loaf of it earlier tonight. It was so wonderful to see my neighbor Anna and all of her beautiful children run up to me and gave me the biggest hugs in the world, one by one! Just for making that bread and it was so wonderful and overwhelming in a good, heartwarming way. 

~i would WhUp eIE bout dat. Mareter never had to take nOne or his Niggers to court or put em in jails neithei~,,4m anade~overseer~ sot ein right . Long as miss S~flie lived de carriaee driver driv ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ her snd ~arse Lewis around lots, but atter~~ she died dere warn t so much use ofde carriage. lie j~ driv for ~arse Lewisand r~iund de yard den. S Some slaves larnt to read and write. 1 dey went ~ .~ ~-:-~-- ~ ~ ~ to meetin dey had to go wid deir white folks cause dey didn t have no sep rete churches for de Ni~gers tU atter de war. On our Merster s place, slaves didn t go off to rneetin a t all. Dey_jus went rDund to OneanOther ~Q~S and sung songs. Some of eia reed de Bible by heart. Once I h ar da man preach what didn t know ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ hoi~ t~ read one word in de Bible, and he~j~n j even have no ~it. De fust p~~zin I ver seed was tter was nigh tbout grown. Ifa slave from our place ever jined up w~d a church fare de war was over, I never hear d tell nothin . . ~ Lordy, Misse I didn t know nothin bout what 3 funeral was dem days. If a disniomin , dey sh did,n t v aste no time a~puttin him right on down in de ground dat s~~ c ay. Dein coffins never had no s1a ~pe to em; dey ~as jus squar~ ~Ji~Ted rifle boxes. Now warn~t dat turrible? Slaves never went nowhar widout dein patterollem . ~ ~ :~ ~ ~. b::L_~ up if dey didn t have no pass. Dere was hunderd~s of acres in dat dere plantation. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .:~. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . :.1~r~e Lciwis had a heap of slaves. Deovers~er,he hadabu~le what

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Jenny Manson - Assablanca
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Ethnicity: Latin
Country: United States
Birthday: August 27, 1988
Hair Color: Black
Height: 157 cm / 5’1″
Weight: 47 kg / 103 lb
Bust Size: 32A