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On 13 December 2014 the band would posthumously release Ouroboros , a 2-CD compilation featuring all of the band's vinyl-only songs along with three previously unreleased tracks, set in a double digipak and limited to to 460 copies.

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Track Listing
01. Penta(grams)
02. It Is The Never And Forever That You Fear
03. In The Red
04. Possessions In Poverty
05. Turning Piss Into Gold
06. Deathotic

   Steven Wolf, a Sundancer and shamanic practitioner of Northern Cheyenne and Irish ancestry, who has practiced within the Northern Plains spiritual traditions for over twenty five years, has this to  say:"These days everyone seems to have a definition, and interpretation of the term"shamanism". from the structural anthropologists to the mythologists to the Jungians, the Freudians, the transpersonal psychotherapists, the process oriented psychologists, to the New Agers with their psycho- babble. The academics hold to a strict, rigid definition, feeling they have proprietary rights to the term and smirking at everyone else. On the other hand, New Agers have a definition so broad as to be meaningless. Both sides miss the profound depth and breadth of this particular spiritual way, which is much more than mere technique. Shamanism may possibly be the oldest spiritual path, and consequently has far more profound implications for contemporary humans than its academic interpreters realize. The reason for this is that the act of interpretation is a mental exercise, whereas "shamanism" is a living dynamic that involves all of the senses. A sensuous experience that must be known in a primary and primal way. The mental wheel-spinning of academics or the shallow genuflecting of New Age entrepeneurs will never truly comprehend it until they stop interpreting and start experiencing it, internally and externally, with mind, emotion, body and spirit."(6)

The Cherotic All-Star Band:
Dr. Oblivious
Lena Strayhorn
Chris Miller
Steve Emanuel
Tomek Von Schachtmayer
Skott DeMEDERIOS (drummer Shenanigoats)
Jim Willig (guitarist Shenanigoats)
Erika Shaver-Nelson
Linda Mac
Frank Moore
John The Baker (Skip Skiffington samples)
Audience vocals

Download free audio of Friday night here:

heaven . heofon "home of God," earlier "sky," possibly from . *khemina- (cf. Low Ger. heben, . himinn, Goth. himins, . himul, Du. hemel, Ger. Himmel "heaven, sky"), from PIE base *kem-/*kam- "to cover" (cf. chemise). Plural use in sense of "sky" is probably from Ptolemaic theory of space composed of many spheres, but it was also formerly used in the same sense as the singular in Biblical language, as a translation of Heb. pl. shamayim. Heavenly "beautiful, divine" is from 1460, often (though not originally) with reference to the celestial "music of the spheres;" weakened sense ... of "excellent, enjoyable" is first recorded 1874.

At some point after the Rowan North incident, Patty Tolan listens to an EVP recording and hears the name "Zuul" then asks the other Ghostbusters if they know anything about it.

Unearthly Trance - In The RedUnearthly Trance - In The RedUnearthly Trance - In The RedUnearthly Trance - In The Red