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I nearly got away without mentioning it, but it needs to be said: if you’re spending money over Christmas, challenge yourself to do it with local independent traders. These people are so passionate about their products and services – and those are the kinds of people you want giving you gift ideas when you realise it’s Christmas Eve and your mind goes blank…


Kalie & Mister Dunmore - "Star" - ep. #
Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden - "Everything Went Down" - ep. #
Kaywin, Arden - "When Will It Happen" - ep. #
Kaiser Chiefs - "I Predict a Riot" - ep. #
Kasabian - "Club Foot" - ep. #
Kater, David - "Never Meant For You (Robotekks Mix)" - ep. # ; "Damn (Robotekks Remix)" - ep. #
Keane - "Everybody's Changing" - ep. # ; "She Has No Time" - ep. # ; "Spiralling" - ep. # ; "Love Is The End" - ep. #
Kearney, Mat - "Won't Back Down" - ep. #
Kelley, Josh - "Everybody Wants You" - ep. #
Kelly, Simon - "Burn My Eyes" - ep. #
Kenna - "Free Time" - ep. #
Kessenich, Grayson - "All Things New" - ep. #
Kevin & the Octaves - "This Is Something" - ep. #
. & The Sunshine Band - "Get Down Tonight" - ep. #
KiD CuDi - "Erase Me" - ep. #
Kid Gloves - "Don't Forget" - ep. # ; "All The Time" - ep. #
Kid Lightning - "I'm Not The One" - ep. # ; "Sunshine and Cinnamon" - ep. #
Kill Hannah - "Kennedy" - ep. #
Kingstreet - "In-N-Out" - ep. #
KISS - "Rock and Roll All Nite" - ep. #
Kissaway Trail, The - "Don't Wake Up" & "New Year" - ep. #
Kooks, The - "Na ve"  - ep. #
Kool & the Gang - "Ladies Night" - ep. #
Korn - "Word Up" - ep. #
Kosmos, Doktor - "Holiday" - ep. # & #
Kramer, Jana - "I Won't Give Up" - ep. # & # ; "Whiskey" - ep. # ; "Why You Wanna" - ep. # ; "What I Love About Your Love" - ep. # & # ( * )
Kravitz, Lenny - "Where Are We Runnin'?" - ep. # ; "Bring It On" - ep. #
Kremens, Jim - "This Is The Please" - ep. #
Kuney, Amy ft. Tim Myers - "All Downhill From Here" - ep. # ; "Hope A Little Harder" - ep. # ; "Where I Can't Follow" - ep. #
Kushnier, Jeremy - "Allision" - ep. #
Kustoo - "Get Your Hands Up" - ep. #
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Other Northern California cities on the 2016 list were San Luis Obispo (29), Davis (30), Menlo Park (45), Pleasanton (54), Monterey (58), Santa Rosa (63), Petaluma (65), San Rafael (67), Napa (68), Novato (73), Mountain View (77), Redwood City (83), Fremont (84), Berkeley (85), and Santa Clara (97).

How did her father end up telling the press that you weren’t engaged to his daughter?
When I visited her home last Christmas, there was a media storm in Michigan. We were sitting in her dad’s living room, and the phone rang. Her dad said, “ Um, it’s the Detroit Free Press. ” They were calling about a rumor that we had gone there to get married on the shores of Lake Michigan. What was great was they got his number because he’s a subscriber. [ laughs ] I suddenly had that moment of, Oh, my weird life is now impacting your life. I felt really bad. Wonderfully, they found it funny. I have to say, I don’t normally read articles about me, but I read all of them because they were so nice. “He ate at a Bob Evans! He bought a T-shirt in downtown Flint!” These journalists in Michigan were so happy that I had a nice time there. Normally I deal with the British tabloids, so this was the sweetest media thing that ever happened to me.

Fast reflexes and split-second timing help in any situation but do not take the place of planning in the event of an earthquake. If your house starts to shake, rattle and roll without warning, remain calm and follow these safety tips.

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While headliners like Blondie, Moby and Justice will grab headlines, there are dozens of other incredibly talented artists on the bill as well. The best part of a music festival is discovering new music, and I've chosen twelve of my personal favorites that I'm excited to see while in Sacramento. You should check them out too:

Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way / Sky Is FallingBlackalicious - Make You Feel That Way / Sky Is FallingBlackalicious - Make You Feel That Way / Sky Is FallingBlackalicious - Make You Feel That Way / Sky Is Falling