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induce late 14c., "to lead by persuasions or other influences," from L. inducere "lead into, persuade," from in- "in" + ducere "to lead" (see duke). Meaning "to bring about," of concrete situations, etc., is from early 15c.; sense of "to infer by reasoning" is from 1560s. Electro-magnetic sense first recorded 1777.

Instance-based tweens can be a pain. When you don't keep track of each tween instance, you run the risk of creating conflicting tweens, which almost never turns out well. With first-class tween overwrite support, Actuate manages your tweens so you don't have to. Actuate also makes it simple to disable overwriting when you need to sequence multiple animations

Actuate - CallingActuate - CallingActuate - CallingActuate - Calling